Configuring Website and Server IP Uptime Monitors

From the Monitors tab under your SlickDNS account, you can configure uptime monitors to regularly check that website URLs for your configured domains are online, and that IP addresses for your configured servers can be pinged.

Monitors can be configured to check every 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. If a monitor check fails, you will get an alert email, and a follow-up email when the website URL or server is back up. (Note that the SlickDNS monitoring alert email address is

Website URL Monitors

Website URL checks can be created for host, CNAME, and HTTP records that you’ve defined for your domains.

The URL hostname is set by the source record’s hostname. The URL protocol can be either HTTP or HTTPS and the URL path can also be customized.

Server IP Monitors

Creating a server IP monitor couldn’t be simpler. Just select the server IP address you want to monitor from the drop-down list and the check interval and you’re done!

Note: Before you can configure a server IP monitor, you have to configure the server IP itself. See the Configuring Servers help page for more information.

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