Configuring Servers

If you’re a system administrator responsible for configuring DNS for dozens of domains hosted on multiple servers, chances are you struggle to keep track of which domain names are hosted on which servers. Names for a single domain might be split across multiple servers (e.g., for development, test and live environments) and you may have multiple IP addresses per server to securely host multiple e-commerce sites via SSL.

The SlickDNS developers have supported (and still do!) these types of complex configurations and wished that the relationships between domain names and servers could be explicitly recorded by DNS hosting services. We looked but couldn’t find anything out there, so we decided to build it!

In your SlickDNS account you can create any number of servers, and associate multiple IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) with each server. You can then use those saved IP addresses to create host address records for your domains, with three key benefits:

  1. You only need to enter the server IP address once
  2. The server automatically displays the list of associated DNS address records
  3. Each address record displays its associated server’s name

Like any good sysadmin you probably have the IPv4 addresses for your servers memorized (e.g., the IPv4 address for is currently but we’ll wager you have more difficulty memorizing IPv6 addresses (e.g., currently 2606:2800:220:1:248:1893:25c8:1946 for!

Named servers are something that you really have to see to appreciate, but in our experience they excel at giving a quick, authoritative overview of the address records for our domains.

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